When Love Takes Over

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What happens when love takes over?


Love. It's one the most powerful and meaningful emotions that a human can feel. It's also one of the most mystifying concepts to explain. Poets over the course of time have waxed lyrical about the seemingly magical feeling one gets when love takes over. Indeed, it can be an intoxicating experience -- the heart races, the face flushes, the lips quiver and the spine tingles when love takes over.


Historians and storytellers alike have also filled volumes of books and manuscripts with epic stories about love taking over the minds and senses of real historical figures. Some of the greatest stories about eternal love include Cleopatra and Mark Antony as well as Napoleon and Josephine. Then there is the memorable love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, which gave birth to the legendary monument to eternal love, The Taj Mahal.


The idea of love taking over has also been the subject of countless literary works from the likes of Shakespeare (Romeo & Juliet) and Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice). These are stories that warm the heart, inspire the spirit and give us hope in finding that eternal love to sweep us off our feet.


There is no doubt about it – love is a grand idea. Falling in love and letting love take over our lives is amongst the most exhilarating and important things we will ever do in our lives. When love takes over our hearts and minds, it is an altogether mesmerising and wonderful place to be.


And once you recognise that love is taking over all your senses and sensibilities, it's simpler to just go along and enjoy the experience. It's the most special feeling in the world that should be nurtured like a delicate rose.


When two people fall in love, it can make the whole weight of the world disappear. It melts all your daily worries away and makes you feel safe, wanted, appreciated and, above all, special. When love takes over a couple and their relationship blossoms, it's only natural that they start thinking about their dream marriage and places to get married. For most girls, a dream marriage will always involve walking down the aisle and having a reception in a romantic wedding venue such as Lauriston House.


Apart from the first moment when their eyes met, a dream marriage at an elegant wedding venue would be forever remembered as the starting point of a beautiful love story.


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