When Love Takes Over

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Love conquering all. The perfect love story.


"There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer."

This quote from Emmet Fox aptly sums up how love conquers all if we just open up our hearts to its power.


Love, in its idealised form, warms the heart and it certainly inspires. But the truth is that this idealisation of what love means doesn't come close to what happens in reality when love takes over.


Most whimsical love stories rarely ever depict the truth of what love really means – of what love might mean for a lifetime. Most of them focus on the fleeting romantic aspects of love and not the long-term journey.


Falling in love is easy but to be in love and marriage requires going beyond the mere creation of an emotional bond between two people. It must also be about the rational connection between two people who choose to allow for love to take over each other for a lifetime.


So what is the meaning of all this? It means that no matter what, if you truly love someone everything else around you will seem unimportant. Every waking hour and breath you take will be dedicated to making that person happy. It's about love conquering all your hang-ups and fears. It's about love taking over all personal priorities when you are getting married.


In essence – true love to make a marriage work is simple. It is an accumulation the simple things and about committing ourselves to doing those things. Nurturing this habit will enable love to conquer all adversities and challenges that come with being in a marriage.


The perfect love story is rarely a straightforward one as it is human nature to experience ups and downs. But what is important is to realise that being truly in love is not a temporary thing. Allowing our emotions and desires dictate our actions when it comes to love and marriage is a mistake. However you don't have to worry about love conquering all hardships if your commitment is strong.


True love is powerful and you will know it when it conquers all your senses and fears.

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