When Love Takes Over

Something's here tonight...

Head over heels in love.


Countless authors across the span of time have dedicated their time and energy trying to make sense about this little crazy thing called love. It's one of the most primal of human emotions that can be beautifully inspiring as well as utterly confounding at the same time.


It's the topic on the hearts and minds of everyone at some stage and some of the greatest stories of all time are about eternal love. These include Wuthering Heights, Sense & Sensibility and Romeo & Juliet, which is quite possibly the greatest love story of all time.


In real life, one of the most memorable love stories is between The Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, which gave birth to the legendary monument to eternal love, The Taj Mahal. The Shah was so head over heels in love with his wife that he built a splendidly enduring monument to her memory after her death.


While not many of us can afford to do that for the love of our lives, there are still many ways that we can show just how much we care when love takes over.


In many ways true love can best be described according to the four seasons. The seeds of love are planted in the springtime when you first meet your soulmate and fall head over heels in love. Birds are chirping in the trees and the fragrance of spring blooms fill the air, which serves as a great analogy when love is taking over.


The love story then blossoms further in the summer months and culminates in couples getting married in the autumn months. Love then matures and rides out the winter months thanks to the strong seed that was initially planted in spring.


Indeed, for love and marriage to stand the test of time, couples need to commit to each other in mind, body and soul and nurture the seed with the same vigour as when love was first was taking over in the early stages.

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